Little Magic Books are Printed Books for Digital Natives!

Little Magic Books is a new twist on the Classic Children’s picture book. Little Magic Books combines the physicality of the printed book with the interactivity of smartphone apps.

The reader straps any smartphone into a false bottom built into the back of the Little Magic Book. The smartphone screen shows through cut-outs on each page, while the app animations integrate seamlessly with the illustrations and storyline.

If You Owned A Zoo!

“If You Owned a Zoo”  is the first Little Magic Book in the series. This book takes kids on a tour of a zoo filled with friendly animals. Along the way, kids can feed a lion, dance with a penguin, tickle a giraffe and interact with a whole cast of other goofy creatures.  

Illustrations & app screen cut-outs from "If You Owned A Zoo!"

Illustrations & app screen cut-outs from "If You Owned A Zoo!"

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The Little Magic Books companion app for If You Owned a Zoo is now available for download on iTunes and Google Play. The app is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.


Utility Patented book and digital app is designed to integrate with both iPhone or Android devices. The printed pages as well as the app's display is optimized to accept nearly any device size and screen resolution. It works on devices as small as an iPhone 4 and as large as a Android Samsung Galaxy Note.

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New Concepts Coming Soon!

Knock Knock Who's on My Block?

Meet a cast of kooky neighbors! Readers will physically “KNOCK” on the printed book. If you knock three times on a door, an animated character will pop out and say hello!

Treasure Down Below!

Take off in a hot air balloon, and ride across the globe on a hunt for hidden treasures.


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